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7:30am -6:00pm

Monday to Friday

Admissions Procedure

1. Receive orientation at our:

  • Open House
  • Office

2. Visit Admission’s Office and turn in:

  • All required documents
  • Complete Application for Admission
  • $100 fee for space reservation
  • $40 fee for Entrance Examination

3. An appointment will be made for an interview with the academic coordinator.

4. Notification of date, time and place of Entrance Examination will be provided:

  • Learn Aid (1st grade and up)
  • Kinder

5. Second appointment with coordinator:

  • To discuss results of Entrance Examination
  • You will be notified if Summer Courses are required (applies to Kindergarten only)
  • You will be notified if an academic review is required (applies from 1st grade and up)
  • You will be notified if your child has been admitted

6. If your child is admitted:

  • You must complete and turn in all of the Admissions documentation.
  • You will be informed of important dates
  • You will be notified if there are any documents pending for your child’s record.
  • The $100 reservation fee will be accredited to the enrollment costs.
admissions procedure2

7. You will be notified dates to pick up listings of:

  • Materials
  • Books
  • Uniforms

8. If your child is NOT admitted:

  • You will be reimbursed 50% of the $100 reservation fee

9. If the Coordinator determines that a second interview is necessary:

  • You will be informed of the procedures to be followed at that time