Early Childhood Development Center

Early Childhood Development Center


The Piper Lighthouse,Hours

Piper is open Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and special dates indicated on the Piper calendar.

Entry time:

6:30am – Piper students enrolled in extended care (AM)

7:30 am – Piper students of TAES employees’

7:45 am – Piper students (regular hour)

Exit time:

3:00 pm – Piper students in general

5:30 pm – Students enrolled in extended care (PM)

Students picked up after 3:00 pm will go to the extended care program, which will have an additional cost.

Mission “The Piper Lighthouse”

The first years of life are fundamental in the development of human beings. Recent findings suggest that the brain of a baby integrates (assimilates) an infinite amount of daily information, which will lead into the development of the individual throughout their childhood, youth and adulthood.

The responsibility of those who interact with infants and walkers is to facilitate the learning process through discovery, play, songs, among other activities, while reinforcing self-esteem and curiosity with respect and affection within themselves.


  • PiperInfants:
    • from2 months
    • up to 18months
  • PiperTots
    • from19months
    • up to 33 months
  • PiperKids
    • from 34 months
    • up to 42 months


  • Classrooms:
    • Piper Infants & Tots and Piper Kids
  • Additionalareas:
    • kitchen, bathrooms and changing area
  • Indoor and outdoor patio