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About Us



Thomas Alva Edison School is an institution dedicated to teaching pre-kinder to twelfth grade and an Early Childhood Development Center from 2 months to 4 years. It is a non-sectarian institution, founded on September 12, 1966, known as Edison Institute. It was the first private school to offer Kindergarten services in Caguas.

Edison began as a rented house in the outskirts of San Lorenzo. It was moved to another house in the second section of Villas del Rey, and subsequently in the year 1971-1972 it was moved to another house in Urb. El Verde. During this time, enrollment grew considerably and services were offered up to eighth grade. In the academic years of 1972-1973, Edison was moved to Jose Gautier Benítez Street. In February 1974, the first stone was placed on the grounds acquired in Alturas Villa del Rey, and in 1982, the first twelfth grade graduation was celebrated.

Dr. Teresita Abella founded and directed this educational institution for 25 years reaching solid prestige in the Caguas community. In 1991, Edison was directed by a new Board, presided by Dr. Félix Rodríguez Matos. From August 1998 until February 2001, a new Board was constituted and presided by Mr. Rubén López Huertas.

As of March 1st, 2001, Thomas Alva Edison School has been administered by the Collazo-Claudio family and its Board of Directors, which Dr. Carmen Zoraida Claudio presides. The school evolved into a bilingual institution with emphasis in the development of an educational community in which students actively participate as leaders, thus developing into citizens who are conscientious of their personal and social responsibilities.


To create an adequate environment for the education of our students by, integrating intellectual, technical, human and artistic-cultural skills; thus enabling their development and full potential as whole bilingual individuals capable of overcoming the challenges and changes of our society.


Our Community is geared towards the students’ intellectual development in harmony with a social consciousness that permits them to become productive bilingual citizens. The foundation of the teaching-learning process is one that recognizes the diversity of intelligences and talents that are developed through academic demands, the provision of diverse activities that facilitate the development of the students multiple talents, and continuously striving for self-improvement of the members of the school community.


Thomas Alva Edison School will not discriminate against any student in the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, political or religious ideas or physical impediment in the administration of academic norms. This policy is also followed in the selection of candidates for employment. This prohibition does not apply to requirements as condition to be admitted.


  • Licensed by the Consejo de Educación de PR (CEPR)
  • Licensed by the Departmento de la Familia de PR
  • Accredited by the Comisión Acreditadora de Instituciones Educativas (CADIE)
  • Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges & Schools (MSA)
  • Member of the Association of Private Education of Puerto Rico
  • Member of “Central Oriental Private School Athletic Alliance” (COPSAA)