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Student Activities

Student activities can be classified as athletics, social, academic, spiritual, arts related, leadership, service related, assemblies, and excursions or field trips.

Athletic Activities

The sports and athletics activities are organized by the physical education faculty. This component promotes positive health behaviors allowing students to be healthy both physically and academically. Besides offering the academic physical education courses, this faculty is in charge of the TAES teams in the different categories, such as: Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal, and Track and Field. During the school year, the different activities are planned depending on the sports season. Among others:

Athletic Leagues and intercollegiate tournaments in the “Central Occidental Private Schools Athletic Alliance” (COPSAA)

    • Tournaments organized within the school.
    • Tournaments to which TAES is invited.

Intramural teams are organized by grade and level as part of the TAES activities. Every year, “Field Days” and “Field Nights” are celebrated by level. Nearby sports facilities, like our community, Caguas municipality parks, and Universidad del Turabo’s sports field are used for such events.
TAES has excelled in sports and athletics activities throughout many years, and is recognized as a strong team, evidenced by the numerous trophies won and exposed in the entrance hall. Among them, just in the current school year, Edison won the overall championship in the Junior category.


TAES celebrates a variety of social activities addressed to the development of the whole child in its social dimension, to which we are committed through our Mission and Philosophy.

Students, faculty, administration, and staff engage in the development of varied activities, thus strengthening our “spirit the corps” environment. These activities propitiate their interaction between groups, levels and ages, while social awareness is developed.


As this interaction occurs, students share ideas of others from different criteria and beliefs, while discipline, critical thinking, distinction between the good and the bad, and decision making are emphasized. These activities also strengthen the student’s attachment to TAES and to his or her academic goals.

Among these activities, are the following: Education Week, Family Day, International Night, “Noche Puertorriqueña”, Prevention Week, Grandparents Day, and others. The development of the arts competencies are embedded in the curriculum. Classes integrate the arts in different ways, while students also take Art classes.

Field Trips or Excursions


All proposed field trips and excursions in TAES are prepared by the teachers and submitted to the school director for evaluation and approval. The main requirement for approval is the effect that the experience will have in favor of curriculum enhancement.

Service-Related Activities


In TAES students are encouraged to be aware of the need for volunteerism in their community. One of the student organizations, “Together Club”, main objective is to serve the community.